ISO 22301

ISO 22301 Certification – Business Continuity Management System Certification

In today’s scenarios of competition everywhere, organizations need to ensure the continuity of their operations and business as a whole, as a single instance of disruption can destroy their reputation built in so many years of hard work. Customers like to do business with the organization which has a business continuity management system in place as this ensures the capability of organization to deliver service or product any time including in times of disaster or a crisis.

ISO 22301 is one such Standard from ISO which ensure that organizations are well prepared to manage the Continuity of business.

ISO 22301, the Business Continuity Management system standard, is the framework, which helps in synchronization of ideas, actions and resources for business continuity.

Importance of ISO 22301 Certification

Getting ISO 22301 certification from a recognised certification services provider like Afnor India is very important for the support and growth of the Business Continuity in organizations in India.


Some of the important factors are as follows:

  • ISO 22301 Certificate from Afnor is Globally recognised

  • Industry Expert conduct Audits and Assessment for ISO 22301

ISO 22301 Certification — Why?

ISO 22301 Certification helps in achieving the following benefits to the organizations by:

  • Manage risks and the evolution of the environment

  • Reduce the importance and scope of an outbreak / incident

  • Ensure and meet regulatory, legal and other compliance requirements

  • Support business challenges

  • Improve the reputation and reputation of your organization

  • Improve your resilience and responsiveness to safeguard your interests and those of key stakeholders

  • Enhances the trust of your customers in your products and services

ISO 22301 Certification – FOR WHOM

Organizations of all business sectors wanting to systematically examine their information for risks and their protection needs can apply for ISO 22301 Certification.