ISO 14001:2015

Why ISO 14001:2015?

In order to follow the “High Level Structure” to facilitate identical structure for all the management systems as well as the consistent use of core texts and terms. This will make the standards more comprehensible and combined certifications more efficient.

The new version will include a requirement to understand the organization’s context in order to better manage risk, with more emphasis made on leaders within organizations to promote environmental management. In addition there will be a shift towards improving environmental performance rather than improving the management system.



A response to the environmental stakes.

Attention is increasingly being given to controlling the environmental impact of companies. As a leader in management systems certification, AFNOR Certification is already accompanying in their environmental certification initiative.

ISO 14001 is increasingly becoming an important qualification for organizations wanting to remain competitive in the global marketplace.



Improved company image: environmental certification shows your commitment to social responsibility.

A dialog tool: with AFAQ certification you will gain your partners’ confidence (customers, administrations, investors, insurers, etc.).

A cost control tool: an environmental management system allows you to set up preventive actions that will minimize the impact of accidents.

A tool for mobilizing your coworkers, uniting your personnel in a common project that directly improves their professional environment (health, safety, etc.).