CMMI level 3

A CMMI level 3 certification is an accreditation that is earned by an organization that has fulfilled both capability and maturity level 3 for their organization. The certification is the most widely accepted indicator of an organization's ability to safely and efficiently create products and services. An organization can achieve a level 3 certification by successfully completing a SCAMPI A appraisal by a third-party professional CMMI lead appraiser.


How to get the CMMI level 3 certification

Below are steps you can use to get a CMMI level certification:

1. Gather knowledge about CMMI

The first step to gaining a CMMI level3 certification is to research what processes and plans you need to achieve the certification. This can help you organize steps to take in order to commit to improving an organization's processes and production goals. Other parts of this research include:

  • Other organizations that have the certification

  • Steps towards gaining the certification

  • How to start improving processes to meet the certification's standards

  • Searching for potential CMMI lead appraisers to join the organization

  • How much the certification costs

2. Pursue CMMI training

Once you research the different parts of what a CMMI certification is, who to get one and the associated costs, you can pursue CMMI training. This can help your organization develop best practices and streamline processes for better production, goal alignment and safety. Safety is important for software and other technology companies because they need the CMMI certification in order to sell their products legally. Training in CMMI can also help you predict what kinds of processes need improvement and address challenges before they arise with comprehensive plans and strategic steps for quick solutions.

3. Hire a CMMI lead appraiser

Hiring a CMMI lead appraiser is integral for earning the CMMI level 3 certification because the appraiser can help you find the best ways to improve and has the training to recognize good processes for your organization. A lead appraiser can also help you find how to access exams in order to complete the certification process. Finally, the appraiser can help you find solutions for streamlining and updating processes.

4. Update processes and implement them

Once an appraiser has helped you find areas of improvement, you can improve upon organization-wide processes by updating or changing them. This can help your organization come into alignment with itself, including taking only projects that support the organization's goals. Updating these processes is also essential for passing the certification pre-assessments and the SCAMPI A assessment for official certifications.

5. Take CMMI pre-assessments

There are two assessments that an organization can take before taking the SCAMPI A assessment. These are the SCAMPI B and the SCAMPI C assessments. These pre-assessments can help an organization find areas of opportunity and improvement within its processes. The assessments can also show how far an organization has improved since pursuing CMMI certification.

6. Take the SCAMPI A assessment

The last step is to take the formal SCAMPI A assessment to earn certification. Upon successful completion of the assessment, an organization can report that it passes and is CMMI level 3 certified. The organization can also begin to achieve CMMI level 4 and 5 making them some of the strongest competitors in their respective markets.