What is SMETA? 

  • SMETA is an audit, which helps you to understand standards of labour, health and safety, environmental performance, and ethics within your own operations or at a supplier site.
  • Delivered by one of our  , you or your supplier is provided with a Corrective Action Plan to help improve performance in these areas.
  • It is designed to help protect workers from unsafe conditions, overwork, discrimination, low pay and forced labour.


Benefits of SMETA for your business

SMETA Audits have given thousands of businesses confidence they are working with sustainable suppliers.

Increased visibility

Gain a greater understanding of the social and environmental performance of your business and suppliers

Prioritise high risks

Assess and monitor higher risk suppliers on their performance over time

Efficient supplier auditing

Data can be shared with multiple buyers, reducing the number of audits you’ll need to collect

Improve supplier performance

SMETA provides a Corrective Action Plan to help improve supplier performance and resolve issues found in the audit


Comply with legislation

SMETA audits facilitate compliance with existing and upcoming legislation