You think your services and products are great; your clients are constantly telling you that this is the case, but can you evidence it?

We appreciate that the process of auditing and certification approval can seem a daunting one to go through, especially if it’s the first time to be undertaken. However, we will guide you efficiently through the process and make sure achieving certification is a benefit and not a burden for you, your team or your business.

Aligning to a Scheme

In order to be certified, it is vital to align your company or organisation to a certain certification scheme. If you are unclear on which would be most relevant, our helpful team will be only too happy to discuss your requirements and help you to determine the best one.

This will also give you helpful insights into whether your product, process or system meets all initial requirements.


Often all the requirements, regulations and laws that apply to a product, process or (management) system that you want certifying are described in some kind of scheme guideline.

Such a document will have been drawn up by a board of experts, often representing all parties involved in a certain market sector or profession, such as clients, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants and authorities. The scheme guideline forms the basis for certification.

The board of experts may also determine the qualifications for auditors and inspectors (who assess what has been laid down in the guideline) and sets the frequency and request for audits.

IFCC is able to certificate fire doors to US standard alongside certification to British and European standards.

This will be particularly useful to manufacturers in the Gulf region where US standards are often specified. Certification is available against the following standards UL10c (2009) and NFPA 252-(2008).